Coming soon to TouchPoint.... Allergens! No more wandering back and foth the kitchen or trying to find that bit of paper with it written on, your till can now tell you what allergens are within your products.  

New to TouchPoint is Allergens, which will display a window to indicate the allergens within your products to you, the operator. The Allergens are easily set up within the product information with minimal fuss. As the products are added on to your customers order they will show in the NEW allergy window on your TouchPoint screen.

If you select any item from the sale window, the allergen icons will be highlighted showing you exactly what is in that item. Alternatively by tapping an allergen icon repeatedly TouchPoint will scroll through highlighting the sale items that have the allergen. If you hold an allergen icon for a few seconds then release, it will prompt you to remove the allergen from the sale. There is even an option to print allergy information in detail or in summary on a receipt for the customer to review.

Even more impressively there is also the ability to set an allergy status on the currently logged on customer. This means that if you have customers who visit you frequently with allergies, when they are logged onto TouchPoint you will be warned and prompted to remove those ‘allergic’ items from the sale if they request items that they have an allergy to.

Please contact neXpos on how this can be added to your existing TouchPoint system or to take advantage of allergens on your new EPoS system.

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