Coming soon to TouchPoint.... Biometric log on! Finger Print log on traditionally was very expensive and temperamental. TouchPoint is being redeveloped to allow you to easily manage staff biometric log on without having to purchase expensive licences. 

Traditionally biometric (finger print) log on was expensive, involved purchasing bulk licences and meant loading multiple scans of your staff members fingers. Even then, it wasn't particularly reliable and with wet or dirty fingers often failed to work.

With the development of new biometric readers and with TouchPoint removing the need for purchasing additional licences, finger print log on is going to become more reliable and cheaper.

Easily manage your staff log-ons, keeping track of hours worked. Using biometric log on stops staff from using each others log ons, stops staff clocking each other on and means that you know who is using the till at all times.

Please contact neXpos to discuss biometric log on from your current or new EPoS system.

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