TouchAbacus - Revolutionary catering software for the education sector. Replaces cash in the canteen.

TouchAbacus - Revolutionary catering software for the education sector. When you combine TouchAbacus with our TouchPoint software the demands and challenges of managing a catering system for schools, colleges, universities and even pre-paid dinners in business become simple.

TouchAbacus completely replaces the need for cash in the canteen. It links into personal accounts, removing the stigma attached to free school meals and can be easily monitored.

You have the choice of setting up with a magnetic card or a contactless smart card, simply a name or number, or even a fingerprint! The system can display a photo when an account is entered so your staff can check to make sure the correct person is using the account. Spending limits can also be set up to manage eating habits.
When combined with TouchTopUp Web parents can credit their children's accounts over the internet, allowing for emergency top-ups and can even monitor their child's spending.
The system is even compatible with SIMS and PASS in order to import student data.
TouchAbacus works well in conjunction with TouchTopUp and TouchTopUp Web, please see more information on these solutions in our Software section.

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