TouchStock Android - Control your stock with an Android device. Building on the success of the TouchStock device, TouchStock is now available for Android devices. Giving you more choice and flexibility.

Control your stock with an android device. Use the built in scanner on our android devices and scan your stock as it is delivered to automatically update your stock levels on TouchOffice Web Plus.

A small and mighty hand-held stock control device. Designed to remove the time consuming and paper-printouts of traditional stock-taking. With TouchStock you can scan item-by-item and it will count the stock for you, or alternatively scan once and tap in the number you have.

You can scan barcodes, check stock levels, deliveries and orders.

When the order arrives, you can scan it accurately and easily check the delivery is correct. It syncs with TouchOffice Web Plus to create orders and update your stock levels. Please see TouchOffice Web for more information on back-office functions.

Contact neXpos for further information on how TouchStock for Android can improve the efficiency of your business's stock take methods.

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