For the complete EPoS package, an EFT solution is a must-have addition to your business to allow chip & pin transactions on your TouchPoint till system.

neXpos have partnered with only the best chip & pin providers to ensure you get a quality, fast and secure transaction every time, allowing your customers to pay how they want to pay.




Our Dojo and Barclaycard solution is a unique product that will completely change the way you take payments.

It creates a seamless link between your Touchpoint EPoS till and your card machine. This makes it quicker and easier to take card payments. Integrated Chip & Pin stops any staff mistakes when typing in amounts as this is removed from the process.

An average sale takes over a minute to process. With this integrated solution, processing time is reduced to less than 20 seconds helping you speed up and improve your customer service.

Within days of signing up, your Dojo or Barclaycard Chip & Pin machine will be sent out to you to ensure that you have a seamless service. neXpos will install and train you in the use of your new Chip & Pin machine and ensure the integration with your EPoS till is to your satisfaction.

Easily move from your existing supplier and save on every payment you make with offers tailored to your business.

Please contact neXpos and we will guide you through the process from start to finish.

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