Hotels & Venues

Hotels and Venues tend to have multiple activities going on all in one place. neXpos is more than capable of streamlining these and making life easier for you by managing it all using one system and one software, so you do not have to learn different software's for different functions. For instance in a hotel you may have a bar, a restaurant, offer room service, leisure facilities and not forgetting the rooms themselves - all of this can be managed with one integrated system so it makes life easier for you. 


Just some of the features an EPoS system from neXpos offers....

  • Simple and quick add and edit of products and prices
  • Allow multiple staff in different areas to use the tills at the same time without losing the orders or customers accounts
  • Easy to use and fast training time
  • Promotions such as cross-department offers (e.g. spa treatment and afternoon tea for £), Set Menus and multi-buys automatically calculated
  • Visual Table Plan for multiple areas and floors
  • Displays table status using easy colour coded system for waiting, served, bill printed etc
  • Stock control to manage number of items available, for instance with Specials or promotions
  • Booking diary with ability to take deposits
  • Customer accounts linked in with loyalty schemes
  • Reminders and prompts for staff to remind them to ask for instructions for cooking and sides or requirements etc
  • Easy end of day reports and management of staff attendance
  • View sales and edit your products online with TouchOffice Web
  • Take orders and send to the kitchen or different departments without having to leave the customer with PocketTouch
  • Allow customers to book their own table or service Online with TouchReservation
  • Examine in more detail your customer's purchases and run reward schemes with TouchLoyalty
  • Get rid of paper in the kitchen and have a touch screen instead with TouchKitchen
  • Manage room service orders online with TouchTakeaway
  • Display your up to date restaurant menu or room rates or services at all times with TouchMenu
  • Integrates with most UK Hotel PMS Systems

When combined with TouchOffice Web and customer marketing modules, neXpos EPoS provides hotels and venues the tools needed to maximise revenues and deliver outstanding customer experiences.

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