Bar & Night Club

neXpos understands that in the Bar and Night club hospitality industry there are demands which other sectors many not encounter. Just some of the environmental factors that this industry encounters along with customer demands there are noise, low level light, spillages and speed, there are many factors to take into consideration. With this is mind we will take the time to create a bespoke solution for your specific needs.


Just some of the features an EPoS system from neXpos offers....

  • Designed to minimise time at the till with fewest key presses possible
  • Simple and quick add and edit of products and prices
  • Allow multiple staff to use the till at the same time without losing the orders
  • Easy to use and fast training time
  • Use picture buttons instead of text
  • Easy bright light waterproof touch screen layout
  • Run tabs for customers
  • Integrate your chip and pin to avoid mistakes
  • Promotions such as multi-buys and BOGOF automatically calculated.
  • Easy end of day reports and management of staff attendance
  • Use marketing screens to highlight offers whilst customers are waiting at the bar
  • Stock control to manage number of items available and to help with ordering
  • View sales and edit your products online with TouchOffice Web
  • Queue-bust and take orders away from the bar without having to leave the customer with PocketTouch 
  • Examine in more detail your customer's purchases and run reward schemes with TouchLoyalty
  • Allow customers to book their own table / VIP area Online with TouchReservation

When combined with TouchOffice Web and customer marketing modules, neXpos EPoS provides Bars and Night Clubs the tools needed to maximise revenues and deliver outstanding customer experiences.

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