PocketTouch - Paper-free food and drinks ordering. Sends information from table to chef in seconds.

PocketTouch - Paper-free food and drinks ordering using a hand-held wireless device so that you can take orders and take payment without having to leave the customers table. PocketTouch sends the information from the table to your chef, with cooking instructions and table details in seconds.

This will therefore improve service times and reduces mistakes as you can set it to prompt your staff with sides or cooking instructions and availability without having to go back and forth to the till or kitchen. You can view table availability and status of tables on the fly.

Never again have your chef desperately trying to decipher someone's handwriting and gone are the days when you are looking around for bits of paper that have disappeared.
Add PocketTouch to your till solution and see how much happier your customers are when your staff can spend more time on their needs rather than rushing back and forth the kitchen and till.

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