EPoS Rental

Complete Rental EPoS Touchscreen Till solutions in Newport (Casnewydd)


We are a local EPoS Till company in South Wales. Our EPoS Rental Touchscreen Till solution with TouchPoint are the perfect solution for your business in Newport. Our solutions can help to save you time and money keeping you organised and efficient. Whether you want stock control, cash management or integrated chip and pin transactions our Rental EPoS Till solutions are perfect. All our solutions can be tailored to your business needs, whether you are in the Retail, Bar and Restaurant or the Hotel sector and help provide your customers with a fast and efficient service.


At neXpos we know only too well that when starting a new business or when upgrading your existing till infrastructure the costs can stack up and you have to settle for something less efficient. But now that we offer a new rental service you don't have to settle for second best. We have many rental options to suit your budget with the option of long or short term rental.


Just some of the benefits of renting an EPoS Touchscreen Till solution from neXpos....

    • No big upfront cost to outlay when setting up your business or upgrading your existing Till system
    • Onsite installation with staff & management training with every rental unit
    • Unlimited phone, email and remote support
    • No downtime, same day replacement unit. No waiting for your own to be repaired
    • All the full functionality of TouchPoint
    • Have your EPoS unit kept up-to date with the latest software updates
    • Keep your EPoS unit fully backed at all times
    • No EPoS maintenance or repair costs
    • When we deem your EPoS unit is getting outdated we will replace it with a new model
    • Short or long term rental options as little as 1 month short term rental options
    • No required minimal or maximum number of EPoS unit’s that you have to rent. You can have a single unit or multiple units or add more at a later date.

With every rental EPoS unit you have TouchOffice web included. Below are just some of the features:

    • Manage each EPoS unit in each branch
    • View Live Sales and Receipt data online
    • View Live Report data online
    • See time and attendance for individual employees
    • View and adjust stock levels of any store / branch, and perform wastage
    • Perform stock takes at anytime
    • Manage orders and deliveries
    • Drill-down gives you fast access to specific transactions. Broaden or refine to identify trends or sales patterns
    • Program your products and prices for another location
    • All data is confidential and kept secure
    • Remotely log into your own branch from any laptop / computer, tablet or smart phone
    • We also include: Automatic backups for each EPoS unit and Remote support

By combining EPoS Rental Solutions and TouchOffice Web, neXpos EPoS provides your business with the right tools you need to maximise revenues and deliver outstanding customer experiences.


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