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Whether your business is a 60 cover restaurant, or a 50 site operation, we have the products tools and the experience to ensure you get both the EPoS solution you require and the support you need. Here are just a few ways your business can benefit from using our solutions.


ICRTouch's state-of-the-art flagship till software. It is effortless, reliable, proven and cutting edge.


Delivers food orders to the kitchen while eliminating the need for paper and print-outs.


Reliable PC software for the back office. Compatible with Sage, Booker and Pay24-7.

TouchStock Android

Control your stock with a handheld android device. It counts stock, scans barcodes and checks deliveries.

Chip & Pin

Integrated Chip & Pin, a unique product that will completely change the way you take payments.

TouchOffice Web

Allowing access to real time sales information from anywhere in the world using any web enabled device.


Paper-free food and drinks ordering. Sends information from table to chef in seconds.


When an order is ready to collect, the ticket number will be displayed on-screen to notify the relevant customer


Easily create vouchers across branches for promotions and offers, from 'buy one get one free', to '10% off' from anywhere. 


Clerk specific and till wide Language support. Your till can now automatically change language depending on who is using it.


A fully hosted custom branded online shop for takeaways, from a single burger van to a chain of fast food restaurants.


TouchMenu from ICRTouch is an attractive and enticing way to display your menu, projecting a professional image whatever your venue.


An add-on to your website so that your customers can easily make table bookings online.

3rd Party Software

TouchOffice Web Plus now integrates with some of the most popular 3rd Party Software.


No more uncertainty, your till can now tell you what allergens are within your products.


The clever and flexible way to monitor your customers and their spending habits, allowing you to plan and deliver promotions.


A small and mighty hand-held stock control device. It counts stock, scans barcodes, checks deliveries and generates labels.


Provides online functionality for customers to manage and monitor their accounts themselves.


Webshop Integration seemlessly sends your online orders to your TouchPoint till.

Biometric log-on

Biometric log on! Easily manage your staff log-ons, keeping track of hours worked.