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Complete EPoS Rental Touchscreen Till solutions in Siston Bristol


We are a local EPoS company. Offering our affordable Rental Touchscreen EPoS Till solutions to fit every budget. With our perfect solution for your business in Bristol. Our solutions can help to save you time and money keeping you organised and efficient. Whether you want stock control, cash management or integrated chip and pin transactions our EPoS Till solutions are perfect. All our solutions can be tailored to your business needs, whether you are in the Retail, Bar and Restaurant or the Hotel sector and help provide your customers with a fast and efficient service.

At neXpos we know only too well that when starting a new business or when upgrading your existing EPoS Till infrastructure the costs can stack up and you have to settle for something less efficient. But now that we offer a new Touchscreen EPoS Till rental service to fit every budget so you don't have to settle for second best. We have many rental options to suit your budget with the option of long or short term rental, or even a popup venue. To find out more, please click here.

 Here are all the Product Tools you need

With ICRTouch's state-of-the-art flagship touch screen till software. We have you covered when meeting the everyday challenges in your industry,
below are the Product Tools to keep you fully equipped.


TouchOffice Web




EPoS Made Easy

With an EPoS system from neXpos we aim to make your business easier for you. An EPoS system should take the hassle away from you, not add to it. With TouchPoint customer transactions become easy. Our systems can do everything a traditional till system does, as well as many other functions. Such as integrated chip and pin, stock levels, multi-buy, table plans, time-keeping and much more.

The Bespoke EPoS System

Our EPoS Systems come complete with everything that you require. Each system is created and configured specifically for you, regardless of what sector you work in. Whether you require a touch screen till, pin and pin or a hand held solution we have it covered. All our products and systems can be fully integrated with other peripherals and accessories to make it as easy for you.

Contact neXpos EPoS Today!

TouchPoint is an incredibly reliable and competent software and along with our robust hardware it means our solutions are perfect for you.  We have many repeat customers, who will not go anywhere else for their EPoS needs. If you would like would like more information on our EPoS Systems, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to discuss in further detail the solution you are interested in.

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