Takeaway Delivery Driver Management - easily control and manage your delivery orders so you know which deliveries your drivers are completing. Easily view and know exactly how much money your drivers should be returning with.

New to TouchPoint - ICRTouch's state-of-the-art flagship till software now has the option to add the functionality of a Drivers Management tool. Link your till with a Caller ID Device, so when the customer rings the till automatically opens their details. Take your customers order and then effortlessly manage which drivers deliver which orders and easily view their progress. This means that the whole process is simplified and you are able to account for every order and every penny spent. No more guessing at the total amount of money your drivers should return with at the end of the day.

When the driver does return, they can easily press a button to record and pay in exactly what they have delivered.

There is even the option to add in the ability to print a map onto the customers receipt so the deliver knows exactly where they are going. No more excuses for takeaway delivery drivers getting lost or not being able to find the address!

Contact neXpos to learn how the Delivery Management tool can help your takeaway and delivery business.

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